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Prescott Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Instructions for Submission of Materials

for the PUUF Newsletter and/or Web site


1. All copy should be saved in an .rtf (Rich Text Format) format from your word processing program. Use as few add-ons such as bold, italics, font styles as possible. If the copy requires a specific style for a reason, note the change at the end of the copy.

2. As articles may be used for the newsletter and/or website, indicate where you want them to appear.

3. Send the copy as early as possible as an attachment to an e-mail to Submissions or drop a hand-typed copy into the blue envelope in the foyer.

4. The newsletter is published and distributed on the first of each month. The deadline for copy is therefore, the 20th of the previous month. Contact the Editor if special time circumstances are required.

5. The website is edited monthly and changes or additions can usually be accommodated at any time.


1. All photos should be saved in an .jpg format at any resolution under 300 dpi, the higher the better. The image size may vary as the placement of the picture on the website will determine the final sizing.

If the photo requires a specific style or size for a reason, note the requirements when it is submitted. Color or black/white will be considered for the web site; black/white only for the newsletter.

2. Send the graphics as an attachment to an e-mail to Submissions. A 3.5″ disk or a CD may also be sent or dropped off at the office.

3. If you do not have the capability to digitize the photo, you may submit a print to the web host that can then be prepared for publishing. The hard copy will be returned.

You may contact the Newsletter Editor for additional help. Why not make a copy of this page for future reference!